How Long Does it Take to Detox from Heroin?

how long does it take to detox from heroin

For Anyone Who Has Ever Asked, “How long does it take to detox from Heroin?” Here is your answer...

Heroin is a very dangerous opioid substance that is highly addictive. Like other opioid substances, heroin brings those who use it into a euphoric state. Heroin is taken into the body by snorting, smoking, or injecting. This drug is as ... Read More →

The Role of Family Members in Harrison Rehabs for Drug Addiction

Harrison Rehabs for Drug Addiction

How family members can cope while helping a loved one in Harrison rehabs for drug addiction.

Addiction can be an overwhelming disease for both the addict and their loved ones. Whether the addict is your spouse, sibling, parent, or child, the sense of helplessness to stop them from hurting themselves by abusing drugs takes a toll on both a... Read More →

Hash Abuse Signs Harrison NY

Hash Abuse Signs

Hash Abuse Signs: Recognizing Them and Getting Help

Hash, also know as hashish is a drug which is derived from the hemp or cannabis sativa plant. Hash is typically taken from the top of the female marijuana plant, which contains the highest levels of THC. Delta-9-tetrahdrocannabinol, aka THC is the active ingredient found in marijuana. Th... Read More →

Five Components of an Effective Drug Treatment Program

effective drug treatment program

Five Components of an Effective Drug Treatment Program Harrison NY

Choosing to enter a drug treatment program can be a pivotal lifesaving decision. Since the explosion of the drug epidemic on a global scale and multiple fatalities it has led to increased research into the cause and effect of addiction.  This has resulted in significant b... Read More →

Mixing Drugs of Abuse

substance abuse harrison ny

Mixing Drugs of Abuse (Harrison, NY)

Mixing drugs of abuse has become a common practice.  Overdose deaths and millions of emergency room visits as result of individuals knowingly or unwittingly mixing drugs of abuse attest to the danger inherent in this activity.  It is not uncommon for people taking one drug to accompany it with alcoho... Read More →

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling

drug addiction counseling

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling Harrison NY

Alcohol and drug abuse therapy is a huge part of the recovery process. Addiction, in many ways, is like a mental illness. It can compel individuals to do things that are dangerous or detrimental to their life, but they do them anyway. The addiction can control the individual’s life. Alcohol ... Read More →

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