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Drug Treatment Centers Harrison (914) 829-5816 Alcohol Rehab

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Drug Treatment Centers Harrison (914) 829-5816 Alcohol Rehab

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Alcohol Addiction

Drug Treatment Centers Harrison (914) 829-5816 Alcohol Rehab

Also referred to as alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence, alcoholism is a chronic disease involving a destructive pattern of alcohol use.

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Dual Diagnosis

Drug Treatment Centers Harrison (914) 829-5816 Alcohol Rehab

As its name suggests, dual diagnosis happens when a person is diagnosed with two disorders at the same time. In the context of drug treatment...

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Drug Treatment Centers Harrison (914) 829-5816

Drug Treatment Centers Harrison is where you can find the best in medical and holistic treatment options for substance abuse. Drug treatment facilities in Harrison offers patients a comprehensive medical rehab program where individuals struggling with an addiction can experience a safe and successful recovery. Each of the programs at drug treatment centers in Harrison are designed to meet the patient’s challenges and to help them trace clear goals for addiction recovery. Creating a new life that does not surround the use or harmful drugs can allow you to create true purpose in your life. Treatment by a rehab facility can be an important step when seeking recovery options and long-lasting sobriety. The programs that are available are tailored to each and every patient making it truly unique.

Drug rehab facilities may allow drug users to lead a self-empowering recovery through various treatment options available. At drug treatment rehabilitation centers in Harrison, medical and psychotherapeutic care is provided for both addiction and any underlying mental disorder. The first stage of recovery is generally detox during wish the body is cleansed from any toxins or chemicals produced by chemical dependency. Addiction recovery treatment is designed to assist patients who are struggling with addiciton to drugs and substance dependency. With a wide range or programs available, patients will have access to a variety of great treatment options.

When you feel that you are ready to start the recovery process, dial 914-829-5816 to find out about drug treatment options in your area.

Post-detox and rehab

After the process of detoxification, individuals in recovery may choose to join a comprehensive, all-encompassing therapeutic treatment program that makes good use of all the resources available at Drug Treatment Centers Harrison. Some of the resources available may include but are not limited to:

  • 24 monitoring and medical care
  • Pharmacotherapy or medical management when needed
  • A comprehensive evaluation to overcome the obstacles encountered when trying to maintain sobriety
  • A treatment plan tailored to each specific need
  • Individual, group and family therapy which may take place once or more times a week
  • Assessing treatment goals to adjust them to the patient’s progress and growth in recovery
  • Opportunities to address personal and interpersonal challenges
  • Holistic therapy such as yoga, exercise, acupuncture, art therapy, equine therapy, nutritional guidance and more
  • Family therapy that focuses on meeting the needs of each member of the family by providing a non-judgmental atmosphere where each family member can open up and find help in every stage of recovery
  • Aftercare programs in order for the patient to receive ongoing support in recovery

About Harrison, NY

Harrison is a village town located in the state of New York and Westchester County. Among notable corporate headquarters in this city are the MasterCard headquarters, and Pepsico. The community is diversified with residents from multitude nationalities. In addition to majestic homes, located on sprawling acreage, Harrison has lively downtown neighborhoods with their own history and character. Schools in this city have nationally recognized programs with a recreation department that provides indoor and outdoor programs for both children and adults al year. The yearly, “lt’s Great to Live in Harrison/Columbus Day” festivity draws thousands of residents and visitors. With live entertainment, raffle, games, and food vendors, this celebration is enjoyed by many.

Number one among teenagers and adolescents, marijuana continues to become a popular drug in New York. It’s generally brought through Canada and the south. Ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, and crack are some of the most popular drugs in this state. Trafficking organizations in this region control mostly the entire Northeast drug-trade, and continue to expand by the day.

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